Monotone Bunker

A post apocalyptic urban fantasy audio drama where there is a mysterious mostly monotone individual broadcasting on broken down radios across the world. No one knows who this person is, where they are in the world, but they still keep the radios tuned to the proper channel to hear what this individual has to say. On rare occasions, those in the world may find old tapes of before the world fell to what it has become, with a familiar voice on them.Bite Sized ramblings from a private individual who seems lost in time.

About the Creator

The creator of Monotone Bunker is a queer individual who would like to remain mostly anonymous. They use he/they pronouns and this is their first public venture into making anything audio drama related. They've been a fan of AD's since 2014. This, currently, is a solo venture from them and they're excited to share what they have.
They're a novice and here to have fun trying their hand at something they've loved for years.